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Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso is a Disney Channel interactive animated series created by Ford Riley. Special Agent Oso hit the air on April 4, 2009 with a six episode block, and the companion 15-episode series Three Healthy Steps first aired from February 14 to February 27, 2011. The program was originally part of the Playhouse Disney block intended for preschoolers. On February 14, 2011, it was moved to the Disney Junior block that served as Playhouse Disney's replacement. It is shown on Mini CITV and ITV1 at 06:35am Sundays. The show will stay on Disney Junior because it is one of the main shows shown on Playhouse Disney.

Duration: 11 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2009

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Special Agent Oso
"While Oso tries unlocking a high security lock which opens a door to a room full of special gadgets, he receives a special alert. He helps a boy, Cody, pack a suitcase with things he needs for a week-long family vacation at the beach. Will they find everything Cody needs for the trip before the family leaves for the airport?"
"While Oso dresses into his scuba gear for a training assignment, he receives a special alert. He helps a boy, Frank, dress for school and Oso learns to dress by himself as well. Can Oso and Frank get dressed properly before Frank leaves for school?"
"Live and Let Dry: As Oso gets trained to paddle a kayak down a river, he receives a special alert. Oso helps a boy, Logan, wash and dry dishes. Can he and Oso complete the assignment before Logan leaves for school?"
"While Oso is training to take apart a grappling hook apart and put it back and put it back together, a boy named David needs help playing hide and seek. Can Oso help David find all his cousins before he and his mother leave for home?"
"Oso dives in for a submarine search when he receives a special alert. He helps a girl, Jade, prepare a salad for her cousin Rachel who has food allergies. They'll need to wash, chop, and toss the vegetables to make the salad. Can they do it all before Rachel comes over for lunch?"
"As Oso goes in search of a red jewel in a cave, a special alert is called. A boy named Jake couldn't find one of his soccer shoes, and his room is a mess. Oso helps him clean his messy room. Can they get Jake's room cleaned up and find his shoe before soccer practice?"
"Oso is trying to get an envelope out of a building while avoiding puppies who are after him in hot pursuit when a special alert is called. He shows two kids, Jim and Mia, the proper way to bring a bunny to school. Can they get Bunbun's cage ready in time for show and tell?"
"Oso is learning how to fly his space jet when a special alert is called. A girl named Caroline is having trouble finding wild flowers by herself for a school assignment. It's up to Oso to help her pick them before Caroline and her family leave for home."
"While Oso sees how well he does without any of his agent gadgets, a special alert is called. He helps a boy named Dawson rake the leaves in his front yard. Can they get the job done before the recycling truck comes to pick them up?"
"While Oso tries fixing the air brakes on his special agent train, he gets a special assignment to help a boy named Quin make a birthday hat. It is up to Oso to help him make the hat so he can get a picture of himself wearing it."
"As Oso tries to figure out a mystery picture, a special assignment is delivered. He helps a boy, Michael, wrap a birthday present for his friend Quinn's birthday. Can Oso help Michael wrap his friend's present before he and his mother leave for the party?"
"Oso gets a special assignment while being trained to cross a ravine. He helps a girl named Sarah fly her kite in the park. When they find there isn't enough wind to fly kites, can Oso still save the day?"
"As Agent Wolfy gives Oso a driving lesson, he receives a special assignment. Oso helps a boy named Joe check out a library book about dinosaurs. He is bringing one of his dinosaurs to show and tell tomorrow. Can Oso check the book out before the library closes?"
"While Oso practices jumping laser beams, Paw Pilot calls in a special alert. He helps a girl, Abby, learn how to jump rope. Will she and Oso be able to jump rope before her friend comes over for a playdate?"
"While doing one of his training missions, Oso gets a special alert. A girl named Samantha has a torn storybook and its up to Oso to help repair it. Can he help her put it back together before her mother finishes giving her baby brother a bath?"
"Oso takes a break from his training mission to help a boy, Danny, brush his teeth. Can Oso help Danny keep his teeth clean so his mother can read his new bedtime story book?"